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*NEW* Release LeeZu!

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Feel glamorous in [LeeZu!]’s new fully sculpted top, Lourdes. Its sleek folds buttoned up on the sides drape over the bust, as a delicate underlayer softens the look. Attached with a strap to a decorative collar, surrounded by bead ornaments over the shoulders and chest, it fits and compliments any shape. Available in 2 colors.

The Mailian Blouse is a sleek sleeveless top, accenting the sillhuette in 10 reflective and patterned colors. The open back is clasped by an appealing string, contrasting with tied shoulder straps draping down from the neck. The partly unbuttoned front of the blouse is enhanced by optional sculpted folds, making it perfect for the upcoming hot days, or an innocent hint for more buttons to go.

Enjoy the breeze and sun rays delighting your skin, while covered by nothing but exotic beads. [LeeZu!]’s new La Goa necklace top. The uncovered back will hypnotise with pure white gold dangling over it, as you surrender to the rhythm within. The piece can also be worn over clothing as an accessory, available in 6 colors to discover.

Elegance, spice and a touch of mystery are in the menu today at [LeeZu!]. This new, revealing in the front and the back, Margo jacket will make him want to grab scissors while you feel quite comfortable in the spotlight. Available in 6 delicate colours it fits every mood and accents the strength of an independent woman. The shoulder puffs and sleeve extensions finish this piece with a pinch of spoken elegance. Your LeeZu recipe for style.

LeeZu Baxter


Written by Sawyer Campese

May 9, 2010 at 8:03 AM

Posted in - Accessories, - Fashion, MV-SL-Fashion

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