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.: LE.LOOK! Exclusive from U&R Dogs :.

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[LE.LOOK! Exclusive – separately adjustable bracelets]

We offer new bracelets of separately adjustable.
You can attach nine bangles at a same time, can resize,
can adjust, and can change metal color of each bangle
separately with integrated config dialog.

* You can attach 9 bangles at a same time
* Base metal is color changable
* Each bangle is resizable separately
* Each bangle is adjustable separately
* Each bangle is removable
* Fullbright on and off
* Copy only

You look for just the right size for your own shape?
Yes you can adjust elaborately just fitting your arms
with “Separately Adjustable Jewelry”.

You prefer a specific base metal?
Yes you can combine gold, silver and antique at will
with “Separately Adjustable Jewelry”.

You prefer dressing up or rocking casually?
Yes you can coordinate just fits to the outfit at will
with “Separately Adjustable Jewelry”.

You worry that it is too difficult to make up?
No it’s very easy to adjust with integrated dialog
with “Separately Adjustable Jewelry”.

All our products include backup of initial status,
so we recommend to KILL scripts for reducing server load
when finished adjusting jewelry.

Ruriko Jewell & Uta Karas
U&R Dogs


Written by Sawyer Campese

October 15, 2010 at 10:43 AM

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