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*NEW RELEASE* by Alchemy Immortalis

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THREE NEW STEAMPUNK RINGS ( transferrable for gifting )

We love old Georgian style adornments, most especially in rich, earthy jewel tones, so we’ve
added two more rings to the new steampunk collection, including one in citrine, and another
in a warm, smokey topaz. We try to create jewels that have a genuine fire and brilliance,
and whose tones shift as you move your hand around in the natural light. Take a peek at:

Joining the original ring, offered in garnet:

… all only L$99! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look like one ; )


THE NEW “WAXWING” COLLECTION OF JEWELS ( transferrable for gifting )

A pretty ring needs matching accessories, and you’ll find a new set of baubles in the same
delicious citrine and smokey topaz right here:

… L$175

… L$75

… L$175

Looking for the original garnet Amaranthus collection that matches? You’ll find it still
available in our shop at LE.LOOK!

* PLEASE NOTE: The new line is transferrable for gifting, while the original Garnet line is still
copy/no transfer. We’ll be updating this to include a transferrable version of the original
ensembles shortly.

AlchemyImmortalis Cyannis
Direct TP to Alchemy Immortalis


Written by Sawyer Campese

March 14, 2011 at 8:34 AM

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