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*NEW RELEASE* by Anaphora

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Hey everyone,

New male and female hairs!

– Chloe is aimed for those small-breasted fashionistas/models out there. This hair goes great for people using less animated AO’s and/or AO’s with static poses. Awesome for modelling!

– Bajka is a wavy hairstyle with a portion of the hair parted on the right side of the shoulder. The hair also features an attached spiritual Navajo Indian printed headband for good luck.

– Camella is an up-do hairstyle that contains a portion of the large bangs in the front that are loosely braided and pulled to the side. The loose braid is then swallowed up by a thick rich bun in the back.

– Shaggy medium-length hair for men that has that heavily waxed/gelled look, Asian “wolf-cut” mullet and few crimped hair pieces on the side since crimped hair is coming back. In all, it’s a HOT MESS! Inspired by the famous Korean entertainer, Lee Joon’s hairstyle.

– Shiye is a medium length hair fitted with a Navajo Indian printed headband said to be specially embroidered by Tsohanoai, the Navajo Sun God. The headband is also texture changeable.

– Alito is a medium-length hairstyle with a slight shag on the right side of the hair.

Come check it out!

Nishant Zobovic (Vidal Giordano)
Direct TP to Anaphora


Written by Sawyer Campese

April 23, 2011 at 9:25 AM

Posted in - Hair, MV-SL-Fashion

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