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*NEW RELEASE* by Happy

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I have three new releases out at the {Happy} location on LE.LOOK! We are up in the north wing if you haven’t found us yet in your shopping explorations!



The top, sash, and skirt are all sculpted and come fully modifiable to allow for proper fitting. Matching glitch clothing is included on all layers to make sure that no skin peeks through the sculpts during AO movement.

As with most sculpted items, these are designed for average-shaped avatars, and those with very large breasts or butt may have difficulty in achieving a satisfactory fit. A fitting guide is included to aid in getting the best fit possible for your avatar. The dress is available in two patterns with three colors each, for a total of six dresses.


These classic jeans come in six colors, including coal (a black tone). They come with matching prim cuffs that slouch around the bottom and flare slightly over the back to fit well over heels or boots.


The cocktail blouse is a wonderfully versatile piece that can be dressed up or down, depending on your needs! It comes with matching prim cuffs, bow, and sculpted bottom that skims the top of the waist and shows off just the right amount of skin. The cocktail blouse is available in 6 beautiful colors.


Alika Luminos
Direct TP to Happy


Written by Sawyer Campese

May 30, 2011 at 11:43 PM

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