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LE.LOOK! Shapes

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Today, LE.LOOK! expands its doors into uncharted waters. We are excited to present to you ‘LE.LOOK! Shapes’ which aims to provide the residents of Second Life™ with high quality, realistic shapes. Autumn Ashdene will be joining our team as the frontwoman in this project.

With each shape sold, there are a few additions to the basic shape often sold around Second Life. Brow bases and skirt shapes will be added, along with a styling card to provide information with the styled items featured on the shape vendors themselves. As well as this, LE.LOOK! Shapes has teamed up with Zaara Kohime of {Zaara} to bring exclusive underwear to the store. Each vendor will include one pair of underwear in many layers. There are three colours in total thus far, so collect them all!

Pictured in this post are three of Autumn’s favourite shapes, each featuring a curvaceous yet slender body and full lips. Autumn hopes to bring a variety of shapes and sizes to the world; her aim is to appear as an ‘every woman’ rather than a restricted niche.

Take the slurl to LE.LOOK! shapes now and try on a demo!


Written by Strawberry Singh

August 10, 2011 at 2:42 AM

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